August 26, 2006

"Can Teens be Modest and Not be Dorks?"


Wednesday, August 30, 2006, 6 to 7 pm
Hosted by Eddie DOG (Disciple of God)
In Studio Guest: Alana Antolak, Actress and Model

Teen life is filled with keeping up with the latest trends and fashion. Peer pressure to be fashionable and hip is common place. There is pressure to look and act like the pop icons of TV, film and music. Everyone wants to be hot, hip, cool, tight!

Catholic Actress and model Alana Antolak lives in the world of Hollywood and faces this same issue every day. It's a challenge our youth face daily. Alana will be the in-studio guest at this week's Generation Connexion with Eddie DOG.

Tune in on Wednesday, August 30, 2006. Call in with your comments and join the fun.

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  1. Gina Mercado12:47 PM

    Of course we can be modest and still be fashionable! TV stars don't represent all of us young people.

  2. Guada dela Cruz1:12 PM

    I do not have to dress like Christina Aguilera to be like by my friends!

  3. Alfred from Melbourne, Australia4:16 PM

    Absolutely! I like girls who dress up nice and take really good care of the way they look. And I know many of them. And maybe only one of them is a dork. And it has nothing to do with the way she dresses. In fact she's fine looking. She's a dork because she behaves like one.

  4. Anonymous10:18 PM

    You guys pick the best topics. I've been telling my friends about your show ever since I ran across it last week in ParishWorld. And my answer to your question: A definite YES!

  5. Cindy7:36 AM

    How do we find clothes that are are fashionable yet modest? Can you suggest a teen celebrity who dresses modestly but is still tight?

  6. Anonymous7:38 AM

    How modest is modest? What's modest for me is too much for my mom!

  7. Stevie D.6:14 PM

    hello, Eleyna. great to have a real actress in your show.

  8. Edwina P.6:22 PM

    This is an interesting topic! You are right when you say modesty was more than what I wore but even the way I talk and act.

  9. Fr. Roberto Mena,S.T10:50 PM

    I like this week topic because it is very updated with the situation of youth in the church. How to dress reflects a lot how you live

  10. I ran into your show while browsing arounbd in PW. I haven't listened but you piqued my interest. I will check you out next week.