September 26, 2006

"Did you REALLY get confirmed?"

Wed., September 27, 2006, 6 to 7 pm
Hosted by Eddie DOG (Disciple of God)
In-house Guest: Alana Antolak, Actress and Model

Many of us got confirmed at our local parish during our senior year in High School. It is during this sacrament when the Holy Spirit comes upon us, touches our lives and keeps our faith burning.

Right after confirmation, most of our youth are burning with the Holy Spirit - they are brimming with spirituality. But after high school, the story more often than not changes.

A recent article in talked about a study that reported six out of ten twentysomethings were involved in a church during their teen years, but have failed to translate that into active spirituality during their early adulthood.

The question is this: When you received the Sacrament of Confirmation, did you really "confirm" your belief and love for Jesus, our Lord?

Tell us your what you think. Share it with us at this week's Generation Connexion. Call in with your comments and join the fun.

Or you can post your comments right here and get it read on the air by Eddie DOG.

You tell us. We would like to hear from you. Let us know what you think and we will discuss your comments on the air. Please sign your comments with your first name and the the city where you live.

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  1. JJ in Sacramento, CA9:48 PM

    I read the article linked to your blog. And it is true. I also fell away from the Church after high school. And didn't make it back until after my son was born. College is a really big social change for young people. It is very easy to forget God when you are in an alien place, ammong new friends. But it was my strong spiritual background in high school that became the anchor that eventually brought me back. And my faith now is even stronger than I was in high school.

  2. Jim, NYU11:29 AM

    My faith remains strong in college. I hang out with other Catholics and that makes our faith stay strong.

  3. being confirmed is confirming our faith...and as teens we had/have the chance to confirm what our parents chose for us as babies...

    some teens are forced to go thru the process of confirmation and hopefully in the end, receive the sacrament because THEY choose to.

    for me it was my decision to make my confirmation & confirm my faith and i continue to do so each sunday and try everyday.
    as a young adult i've been blessed to be a part of the church community - being involved began as service hours for confirmation and 12yrs later - thanks be to God i'm still involved & serving our Lord thru various ministries. No doubt there are struggles and there's pleanty more to learn & obtain. each day is an opportunity to share, live and confirm our doesn't end w/confirmation...

  4. Carlos, Whittier California12:51 PM

    I am in confirmation class this year at my parish but I feel like my parents are just forcing me to go. I want confirm when i want to be confirmed. Not because my mom wants me to be confirmed. What do I do?

  5. Anonymous6:26 PM

    I am in high school and I'm going through Confiration this year. My faith is strong and I want that to be strong even when I'm older. What can I do?

  6. Gina M from Ojai, CA6:34 PM

    I'm a new listener... This is a great show. You got me every week!

  7. Eagleflyer in NM6:45 PM

    We need more youth programs in our parish here in Sta. Fe, NM. There's mostly old people in our parish and maybe we handful of young people need to take matters into our hands.

  8. Marta in Steubenville6:51 PM

    When I confirmed I was really touched by the Holy Spirit. I was sobbing during my retreat. I felt the Holy Spirit - what an experience. My love for Jesus remains strong even when now that I'm in college. Specially in this college.

  9. billie j6:58 PM

    Hey Alana and Eddie! I found your live audio feed through This is really tight. I'm actually listening to you! No El Sembrador signal on the radio where I live. Now I can get you. awesome.