March 14, 2007

"ABORTION .... And why choosing Life is so important"

Wednesday, Mar. 21, 2007
6 to 7 pm, AM 1670
Hosted by Eddie D.O.G.

There are several unnegotiable issues within the Catholic Church and Respect for Life is one of them. Sadly the issue of Abortion is one that many in our society have simplified to a matter of choice.

Tell us what you think about Abortion. Do you understand what the Church teaches about this issue? Do you agree with the politicos? Do you know someone who has been affected personally by this sad reality in our society today? Talk to us.

Eddie D.O.G. and the crew will lead the lively chat on this great topic that affects many in our society, including our youth. Tune in Wednesday night at 6:00 pm. Call in with your comments and join the fun. Or you can post your comments below and get it read on teh air by Eddie D.O.G.

We would like to hear from you. Let us know what you think and we will discuss your comments on the air. Please sign your comments with your first name and the the city where you live.

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  1. Pablo9:59 AM

    Praise God, great topic!
    The Bible tells us: "Choose life that you might live." Its not complicated.
    God bless

  2. Generoso in Winnipeg, Canada10:06 AM

    Abortion is but one topic in the whole issue of Life. Respect for Life means respect for issues that deal with life. This includes the death penalty, euthanasia, etc.. It even includes respecting the lives of the people around you. Pablo is right. It is not complicated. Treating our neighbors as ourselves is respecting life and following the example of our Lord Jesus.

  3. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Abortion is wrong. Taking a life is against the teachings of God. But we must not condemn those who have made wrong choices. We must pray for them so they may see the light.

  4. Through many experiences that I have encountered in my life (good and bad experiences) I have discovered that God has a perfect plan for each and every one of us. Even though at the moment we think that we're going through the worst day/event ever, only God knows why it happens. Perhaps he's preparing us for something bigger or he wants us to be strong to overcome other obstacles... He made us into his own image and knew us since we were in our mother's womb.Who are we to decide if we should take away the life of an innocent human being? I think its important for us to reflect on how beutiful life is and the gift that God has given us to procreate.

  5. Eddie D.O.G. (Disciple Of God)1:57 PM

    Let me give you some food for thought...

    It's not pro-life vs. pro-choice!

    It's pro-life vs. pro death!

    The Catholic Church is not anti-choice! On the contrary, it encourages us to be very aware of our choices. Ie: The choice to abstain, to be chaste, birth a child, put a child up for adoption, etc. Society's use of "pro-choice" is deceptive. The question is not whether or not you have the right to choose! The question is whether or not have the right to kill.

  6. Dear Eddie and all listeners:

    There ARE alternatives to abortion. A baby does not have to die and a woman does not have to be scarred emotionally and physically: For Crisis Pregnancy Help please call Los Angeles Pregnancy Services at 213-382-5643 or visit We are also looking for volunteers.

    For help nationally, please call 1-800-395-HELP.

    Other useful links:

  7. Andy Mejia, North Hollywood5:16 PM

    Do not forget the unsung and often forgotten person in an abortion: the father. Most of the time, they are not consulted and I know a friend who is suffering the lost of his aborted daughter.

  8. Gladys in Indio5:19 PM

    if we become a culture that aborts unwanted children, what's going to stop our culture from evolving into one that aborts unwanted old people? It's a life. From conception to death. God created it. We must not take the power from Him because in the end He makes the calls at our final judgement.

  9. Anonymous5:55 PM

    I think it is very important for parents to teach their children that abortion is not a choice, it's a death of an innocent life.

  10. Hispanics for Life video is online:

    America will not end abortion until it sees abortion!

    Please see what the abortion industry is doing to babies and especially to the Hispanic Community

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