March 12, 2007

"CHASTITY .... Is it possible in today's world?"

Wednesday, Mar. 14, 2007, 6 to 7 pm, AM 1670
Hosted by Eddie D.O.G. (Disciple of God)

Chastity is our topic this week. Jesus teaches us to remain pure in body and in spirit. But in today's multimedia world of MTV, internet and changing values, our youth - end even our adults - are finding it less and less easy to remain chaste. But we have to do it if we are to follow Christ.

Our question this week is: "CHASTITY can be ideal but is it possible?"

Let's talk about it on the air and online. Call in live during the show or post your comments anytime and let's share our Jesus experiences with each other. Share your thoughts with the Generation Connexion crew.

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  1. Eddie D.O.G. (Disciple Of God)9:52 AM

    Living a chaste life is difficult! I know many of us are determined to live a chaste life, but we fall. On our own merit, it's not possible. However, if we let God work through us, anything is possible. "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me!"

  2. I think that anything is possible with the help of God and our Blessed Mother. If we pray and ask them to help us (truly with all our heart) they will help. But we also have to put from our part and try our best not to put ourselves in a situation in which we may fall. We should keep in mind that if we do fall its very important to get right up again and try again.(Don't give up!)

  3. 18 and in love3:22 PM

    It is very hard. When me and my boyfriend get together we both do our best to remain true to God. But sometims the temptation happens when we're left alone. A good way to stay away from temptationas is to try your best never to be alone with your boyfriend.

  4. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Chastity - we hear that word and think of the talks that we've heard here and there and for most we think...abstain...i know i do or did - until i ran across an article on the lifeteen website; titled *Chasity vs Celibacy*

    it stated: "Chastity; the self-mastery of our appetites, desires, and passions"

    **chastity is actually something we have for our lifetime...and it's definetly a struggle - and there is plenty of temptation in this world!! but when we face those moments of weakness we need to turn to our Blessed Mother and ask for her help to remain pure (heart-body-mind&soul)
    yet if we find ourselves falling & giving into that temptation-we need to find our way to confession**
    jackie b.

  5. Jen in Carson, CA11:02 AM

    I've been looking at your blog for several months now and I'm glad to see people posting their thoughts on this topic. It is a topic that affects many in my age group. Thanks to all for the inspirational thoughts. I pray more are touched by your kind hearts.

  6. John Paul II taught us through his "Theology of the body" talks that each of us are precious and have dignity in the sight of God. Therefore we must not 'lust' rather, we must love!

  7. Ofelia in Los Angeles3:43 PM

    Yes, chastity is possible. It has been possible for many generations before us. It is possible for the present & future generations. All we need to do is adopt the ways that help keep chastity alive in previous generations like: concsiously choosing what we watch on television and the movies;what we listen to on the radio & our ipods; where we surf on the internet & who we "chat" with & what we "chat" about. Another safeguard is going on dates with other couples. Love is creative & when we choose to love chastely, we can be creative there too.

  8. Anonymous4:01 PM

    I like the comment that Jackie B. wrote about going to confession if we do fall into temptation. Its really important because God gives us the opportunity to repent for what we have done and try our best not to fall again.

  9. Mario T. from Whittier5:10 PM

    Ofelia gave many great thoughts. But prayer is the one thing that can really help us be chaste. If we are tempted, we should both pray for strength.

  10. EZD. Fontana, Calif.5:17 PM

    I have a baby from pre-marital sex with my boyfiend. I love my baby and my parents are helping me out but we are too young to be parents. I pray to God every day to take care of me and my baby.

  11. Anonymous5:19 PM

    ok since i'm not able to log in... i'll log in anonymously - here's the copy of the article that was mentioned earlier from the lifeteen website - don't know if it totally applies but well worth a read over...
    * * * * * * * * * * *
    CHASTITY vs CELIBACY-Suzanne Heil

    Chastity: the self-mastery of your appetites, desires, and passions. Wait, what? The difference between being chaste and being celibate can be confusing. Bride-to-be Suzanne Heil took some time to help explain what chastity really is, and how its different than celibacy.
    Chastity is a very important part in my vocation "to-be" (I'm getting married in two weeks). Growing up, I thought that chastity ended when a person got married. Listening to chastity talks there was always a strong emphasis on living a chaste life, then when you got married you could have sex. So I was thinking 'abstain, abstain, abstain; then once I'm married, I'm set free from the chains of chastity' (thinking that to be chaste just meant not having sex). Oh no no, the truth is so very different. As I explored more about the sacrament of marriage, I learned that chastity not only continues on through marriage, but is more revealing within marriage. No longer do I focus on only my own chastity, but also my husband's.

    Ok, now you might think I'm crazy. Chastity within marriage? Chastity is for single people, right? When I'm married, can't I have sex whenever I want? I'm not breaking any rules, so why not? Well then... let's look at the purpose of sex within marriage. As we read in the Bible, "...the two shall become one flesh," (Genesis 2:24) in the result of the marital union. This marital union joins man and wife to consummate (or complete) the final step of the sacrament of marriage. So every time a married couple has sex, they are renewing their sacrament. How awesome is that! Just like every time we receive Communion, we are renewing our first Communion. I'm not a theology major, but that sounds pretty intense to renew my sacrament of marriage every time I have sex with my husband.

    Knowing that every time we have sex we are participating in a sacrament, we both need to make sure we are pure of heart. The day I get married, my new vocation will be to sanctify my husband (Isn't Bobby, my husband to-be, so lucky that getting him to heaven is the new purpose of my life?). So all of my words, actions, and prayers are to try to get him to heaven. We need to make sure every time we have sex it's not out of lust or envy, that we're not using each other or sex to get something we want, but focusing on the renewal of sacrament. To me, that seems like it will be difficult, but we have been given the great gift of sex and we need to use it the way God wants.

    So chastity versus celibacy: what's the difference?

    When you're single (unmarried) or in religious life, chastity is not having sex or sexual relations.

    On the other hand, when you are married, chastity is consumating your marriage by having sex. The key is to be sexually pure, not lusting after or using your spouse.

    The key in chastity is self control. How we practice it will change throughout different periods in our life, but it is always present. We will never be asked to live without chastity in any of our vocations.

    Celibacy is not having sex. Basically a person has taken a vocal or private vow to not have sex at all for a period of time.
    So the next time you put on your chastity ring or look at your chastity card that you've signed, remember that you will have your chastity for life. Keep it close to you and protect it with your whole heart.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  12. Andres y Amy5:40 PM

    Chastity is possible only when we allow God into our lives and continue to grow in our prayer life each day. If we're not going forward, we're falling back. Let's all keep going forward! Pray for the extra grace!

  13. Andres y Emi6:23 PM

    Can you address chastity in the married state and what it really means?

    God Bless,

    Andres y Emi
    Atlanta, GA

  14. Andres y Emi:
    The long explanation by Suzanne Heil said some of it. I won't be long but I hope to be clear.
    Chastity in marriage is one of the greatest graces of the sacrament of Matrimony. Chastity is a part of the virtue of humility. A truly humble person is a chaste peson. A truly humble person is a respectful person. A truly humble spouse is a chaste spouse.
    It is possible to be chaste in matrimony because treating the spouse with respect and dignity is a part of chastity. Sexual intercourse with respect and dignity is a fruit of chastity. I know t hat when my wife is in the kitchen, she doesn't like me to caress her "nalgitas bonitas" because she is preparing the meal and it bugs her when I do that. To respect her in that one little way and to refrain from treating myself to a little "pat" is an act of chastity.
    What about the modesty that a couple has to teach their children? That too is a fruit of chastity.
    I could go on for a long time, but it is now midnight and my sweetheart needs to spooned to sleep. It's hard work, but someone has to do it. It might as well be her chaste husband.