October 16, 2006

"What is the role of women in the Catholic Church?"

Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2006, 6 to 7 pm
Hosted by Eddie DOG (Disciple of God)
In Studio Guest: Melissa Pontiac, Lead Singer of the Christian band Rocksalt

Women make up half of the people on earth. They also make up half of the faithful in our Catholic Church. Since time immemorial, women have always been active participants in our Church.

Our question for you this week is, "What really is the role of women in our Catholic Church?"

This is the topic that the Generation Connexion crew headed by Eddie DOG tries to answer this week.

Melissa Pontiac is the lead songer of the Catholic band Rocksalt. She says whenever she goes and looks at the other Catholic bands in the US, it is not very common to see female lead singers like her. In this week's show, Eddie Dog and Melissa talk about her experiences as well as the role women play in our Church.

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  1. Maria Teresa in Pasadena, Calif.11:10 PM

    Women play a very important role in our church. Most of the volunteers you see at church are women.

  2. jumping jacqui from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho11:14 PM

    The Church is male-led (priests, the Pope, bishos, etc) but women have always been in very supporting roles since the time of Jesus. Look at Mary Magdalene and company.

  3. Rob, Indio, Cal.7:54 AM

    Women have a very big role. How much bigger a role can a woman hav in the Church that the Blessed Mother? She is the model of all women. And she even influenced Jesus to start his ministry on earth when she convinced him to turn the water into wine at Canaan.

  4. Larry, 13 yrs old in Ventura, CA7:56 AM

    My mom is always at Church helping out. My dad doesn't help as much.

  5. Maybeline in Santee, CA1:49 PM

    Don't forget the nuns! They are very inmportant in my church.