October 10, 2006

"Who is Jesus and Who is Allah?"

Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2006, 6 to 7 pm
Hosted by Eddie DOG (Disciple of God)
In Studio Guest: Jessie Romero, Catholic Evangelist

With Islam making the headlines in recent news reports, questions about that religion, their belief in their God Allah and the rise of Islamic extremists are on everyone's minds. This is the topic that the El Sembrador crew headed by Eddie DOG tries to answer this week.

"Who is Jesus and who is Allah?

Jessie Romero is a well known Catholic evangelist. He can be seen on EWTN and can be heard on many radio stations. He tackles this topic as the in-studio guest at this week's Generation Connexion with Eddie DOG.

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  1. Martin Garnett - Albuquerque, NM10:47 PM

    Jesus is the true God. He teaches love for everyone. Only a God that teaches love is the true God.

  2. Betty Chan from Monterey Park, CA10:49 PM

    It is sad that extremists have hijacked the Islamic religion and turned it into a religion that hates non-believers.

  3. Curious reader, Richmond, BC, Canada10:52 PM

    Does the Bible really trace the earliest descendants of the Muslims to Abraham?

  4. Miguel G. in Cerritos, CA12:30 PM

    We need to pray for the conversion of these violent Islamic militants to Chritianity.

  5. Anonymous12:32 PM

    We must not generalize all Muslims as bad people. There are good Muslims and bad Muslims. Just as there are good Catholics and bad Catholics.

  6. Mischka Lazaro12:33 PM

    Jesus taught us to love all people, Muslims included.

  7. Carina Jackson in Sacramento, CA1:54 PM

    My sister's boyfriend is Muslim from Palestine and his faith in Allah is strong. What can we do to convert him to Christianity. And should we?

  8. Eddie D.O.G.2:21 PM

    Attention Carina Jackson: I want to thank you and all our listeners for tuning into the show. In response to your blog...Our desire to want to convert others can be very strong at times. However, the task of conversion is a role strictly reserved for God. Our job is not to convert, our job is to "present a Jesus that is real and alive" through the example that we lead in our life. If we continously strive to be a channel of God's love, God can use you not only to inspire others but to move mountains! May the peace and joy of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always!
    Eddie D.O.G. - Disciple Of God